Woods for Inspiration

There are many different options to choose from with our custom furniture and it all starts with the choice of wood! All of our wood is carefully chosen for the most unique grain and vibrant, natural color. We source our pieces from local mills, landowners, salvage and even our own 65 acre property.

Below you’ll find examples of our most popular wood choices. However, woods available for custom orders typically include: Black Walnut, English Walnut, Spalted Rock Maple, Red Curly Maple, Rock Curly Maple, Ambrosia Maple, Wild Cherry and Curly Red Oak.

Get started on your inspiration today!

Ambrosia Maple 2.jpeg

Ambrosia maple

Unique and beautiful, ambrosia maple’s patterns are created over time by ambrosia beetles and other insects feeding on eastern red and silver maples.

Wild Cherry.jpeg

Brazillian Cherry

One of the most durable hardwoods, our sustainably sourced Brazilian Cherry will wow you with its intricate orange to brown to purple grain patterns.

Spalted Maple.jpeg
Brazilian Cherry 2.jpeg

Spalted Maple

Hard to find, spalted maple’s black marveling effect caused by fungal decay makes its use in furniture highly sought after.


Black Walnut

A prized hardwood for furniture, Black Walnut’s rich brown heartwood combines both dark grain and intricate patterns for a classic look.